Adulting Series: Minimalism or Hoarding?

I’ve been really having a hard time re-evaluating the things that i really just need. Now, I’m between a minimalist and a hoarder. What about you? Are you a minimalist or a hoarder?

My Braces Story

Braces only has one purpose, to fix the teeth and its imperfections, but in my case? It destroyed mine. This is a good read for those who dream of having braces.

My First Trip to Rural Areas

Planning a trip to peaceful places with lots of green views? Why not try joyriding or traveling to Padada, Davao Del Sur?

My Hyperhidrosis Story

Do you notice uncontrollable sweating on your pits every time you perspire? Does it leave super embarrassing sweat stains on your shirt? You might have hyperhidrosis.

Adulting Series: Applying for Virtual Cards

Having credit cards simply is a great task and responsibility but now that i’m 20, i decided that i must have one but realized that i’m still not earning! As a first step of my adulting, i found out these two “alternative” virtual wallets that acts as a credit/debit card applicable for people who are earning but also to students!